Join Our Team of Innovators

We’re a diversified team of engineers, geoscientists, and construction services professionals. We innovate solutions for today’s energy, infrastructure, and sustainability projects.

Why Choose Tierra Group?

Every day, we are growing to meet the needs of our Fortune 500 and international customers. Our team collaborates and shares skills and expertise to meet and exceed challenges in an environment of codes and sustainable practices.

Innovative Projects

Job satisfaction is one of many benefits we share at Tierra Group. Our technology and our people work together to achieve and exceed shared goals as a team. Our customers appreciate us and the rewards bring growth and accomplishments to everyone at Tierra Group.

Flexible Work Schedules

Today’s firms are ready and willing to achieve equitable work-life balance requirements. This adeptness translates into better relationships with Tierra Group’s customers, vendors and partners. We value professionals who carefully plan and implement their time to family, careers and life goals that align for long-term success!

Leadership and Educational Opportunities

Tierra Group’s customers provide world-class service and innovation every day. And our professionals collaborate and support these real-world missions with precision. When you work for Tierra, the opportunities for advancement are great.

We ensure that experienced professionals share skills and knowledge with our new team members to create a workplace infused with continuous learning and success.

Mentoring and Internships

We continue to support interns from accredited institutions in the areas of geography/GIS mapping, environmental sciences, civil engineering, geology and business services.

Explore Opportunities

Tierra Group is growing!  If you are a licensed geoscience or engineering professional, please submit your resume here (form) and we will share your qualifications with our management team.  Requirements include current status to work in the USA, SSN, driver’s license and three professional references.


This month, we are taking applications for the following positions:

Credentialed Professionals


Available in the Summer

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